Get multiple variables with same prefix using pulldata


In the example you shared, I was hoping if there was a way to actually pull all three variables together by using the child_ prefix instead of writing child_id, child_name child_fav_color separately.

For instance: pulldata(child_*) and it would give me all three variables instead of me writing pulldata(child_id, child_name, child_fav). Here, the asterisk represents all possible combinations the variable might have in the csv.

Thank you in advance!

@rukhshan, I don't think is currently possible. @LN do you have any clever XForms tricks that could help here?

There's no way to do this with pulldata.

@rukhshan, I would be interested in hearing what you want to do with multiple values pulled out. It is possible to get a nodeset with multiple values using secondary instances and XPath queries (see External data - current state of affairs for more background) but the only things I can think of that can be done with that is to use the resulting values as choices in a select or concatenate their values together.

@LN, one of our forms updates data and changes variables name in the back-end data, so we need to update those every time. Thanks for the reply!