Get print or PDF from ODK Collect

Is there any way to get a print or a PDF from ODK Collect after submitting the form or before submitting it?
Is it possible to give Enketo link to the submitted form so we can get a print or PDF?
Any other method, please suggest.

We plan to add a way to print HTML snippets from Collect in the following release, expected in December or January. This will mostly be intended for things like printing out QR codes to link follow-up records and/or printing out a subset of collected information on a label. It could possibly work to print out all data collected in a submission if that submission is relatively small.

Could that meet your need? If not, can you please describe it in more detail?

Hi LN, Your guidance is always helpful. We are developing an assessment of government health facilities on ODK. We expect health facilities to keep this information in PDF for reference and see their gaps to fill. We need a well-designed, Enketo-type PDF for their records. It is better if 'Enketo' like pdf facility is also available in 'Collect'

It'd be helpful to know why you prefer not to use Enketo for data entry.

We have an assessment form with multiple fields. It takes time to fill, sometimes more than one day. Users are more comfortable with ODK Collect because it has the facility to save drafts, view sent forms, save during entry, and the big assessment form loading / response are fast.

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That makes sense, thanks. We don't have a great solution for you yet but will consider what we can do.