Get print or PDF from ODK Collect

Would meet your needs? This is particularly appropriate if you need to print a relatively small number of form fields. It may be tedious to create an HTML template for a large number of fields (but it's possible!). As an alternative to writing HTML by hand, you could use a tool like to generate it. I recommend putting your form fields in ${} directly in the editor. You'll then need to convert it to use concat to insert your form values (see docs).

The conversion is something that could be automated if someone is looking for a fun script to write. I also quickly tried using ChatGPT 4o for the conversion and it worked well with the following prompt:

There's a concat function that takes multiple arguments. I'd like to give you some HTML and I'd like you to split it up into arguments to the concat function. Every time you see a value in ${}, that should be a separate argument. I'd also like you to strip out style attributes, please.