Get SubmitterName and SubmissionDate exporting to CSV with ODK Briefcase

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We want to export the stored ODK Central submissions to CSV with ODK Briefcase getting the SubmitterName and SubmissionDate fields. The SumbmissionDate field is exported, but it's empty. SubmitterName is not even exported. This information is correctly exported from ODK Central downloading the submissions from the website (there are other cons this way that ODK Briefcase solves, so using this is not an option). How can we get it in ODK Briefcase?

I've read the documentation and searched on Google and I can't find the option in ODK Briefcase to do it.

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ODK Central 1.0
ODK Briefcase 1.18.0

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Hi @cesarargul,

When you get a chance, please introduce yourself here.

Briefcase currently only exports what is in the submission XML. SubmitterName and SubmissionDate are not in the submission, but rather, are metadata that Central provides. @LN noted this at Briefcase export to csv doesn't include SubmissionDate when exporting form from Central v08.

I have added this limitation to the documentation at If this is a feature you'd like to see this added to Briefcase, file a request at And if it's an important feature for you, consider asking your organization to hire the ODK team to add it.


Thanks @yanokwa! That would be an interesting feature for Briefcase.

Finally I've managed to extract that information form the ODK Central REST API.