Get timestamp when user revisit the form (Edit Saved Form)

Hi all!, does anyone here knows how to get the timestamp whenever user revisits the form(Edit Saved Form) in odk collect? I am using odk collect version 1.29.3 and Android version 8

And if there's a way on how to do it, can I limit the user to visit it when its 3rd visit?

The end question captures the last datetime the survey was saved. It's a very lightweight option so I wanted to mention it even though it doesn't capture last time the form was opened and unsaved.

If you really must have the last time the survey was opened regardless of it was saved, then you can turn on the form audit log. The form start and form resume events in the CSV that is attached to the submission are what you are looking for.

There is no easy way to limit users to 3 opens. I'd be curious to know why you need this. What higher-level problem are you trying to solve?

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Hi @yanokwa sorry for the late response, thank you for helping me today, I will read this reference form audit log that you mention here, I think this could be the answer on my question.

Never mind the users limitation for opening the form in 3 visits. This is no need on my project.

Thank you again! Have a nice day!

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Is there a way to check the start time in audit.csv when answering the form? Like I want to add relevant in this question if I detected two "form resume" in audit.csv? Here is my sample

Visit 1 - relevant="data get from, form start timestamp in audit.csv"
Visit 2- relevant="data get from first, form resume in audit.csv"
Visit 3- relevant="data get from second, form resume in audit.csv"

No. The audit file is an external file and cannot be referenced within the form.

Okay thank you @yanokwa