Getting error Form list download failed

Dear support,

Can you please help me with the attached error.


Hi Mohinder,

The error message "From list download failed: Collect can't connect securely on the server" typically means there's a problem with securely connecting to a server while trying to download form. To resolve it:

  1. Check your internet connection.
  2. Verify the URL for correctness.
  3. Check firewall and proxy settings.
  4. Ensure SSL/TLS is configured correctly.
  5. Keep your software and libraries up to date.
  6. Use HTTPS URLs when possible.
  7. Configure proxy settings if necessary.
  8. Review firewall rules.
  9. Check if the server is down.
  10. Use debugging tools if available.
  11. Temporarily disable security software if needed.
  12. Seek help from support if the issue persists.

Based on your post at Important file(s) for '/etc/nginx/conf.d/odk.conf' are missing, I'm guessing you don't have valid certs. That's what the "can't connect securely" is referring to. Try to see if your certs are working.

Yes master, now i am using custom SSL. It seems firewall issue on server side. As output i am geeting "Assessment failed: Unable to connect to the server" in ssllabs.