Getting more repeat instances than expected when submitting from Collect

Hi everyone I have a question begin repeat groups. Our survey include 3 repeat group and these had some problem
for example : 2 household size and we are waiting 2 repeat groups for level of English but it opened 3 groups. But this problem happened only on Tablet.when I open in computer it hasn't problem.
By the way we checked application version and this is last version on tablets.
Note : I added the xlsx form we used.

repeat_count.xlsx (10.8 KB)

There is no xls form attached here, please upload or provide a valid link to your form. So I could be of help to you.

Sorry I attached it :+1:

the format is not good

I just want to keep short excel . You should focus "begin repeat " part of the survey.

Hi @Berra_Ari
Your first repeatable group has repeat_count set to ${G1} which is an answer for How many people ? So if your answer was 10 you should end up with 10 groups if you answer was 20 then 20 groups etc. Isn't it what you experience?

The second one uses ${vacination_rpt} which is not defined in the form so it's difficult to tell.

I ended up doing more troubleshooting with Berra and her team about this and wanted to report back. It looks like the issue they were running into is that when using a fixed repeat count, repeat instances are never removed even if the repeat count is changed to a smaller number. More in this issue.

The suggested approach for handling this case is to put a group inside the repeat with a relevance condition and is documented here. This makes it so that if the repeat count decreases, the extra repeat instances are hidden but not deleted. If the user then increases the count again, the extra repeat instances reappear.

I'm not so convinced that this behavior is helping reduce data loss and I do think it leads to confusion. Eventually I'd like to revisit some possible improvements we could make. In the mean time, @Berra_Ari's form appears to be functioning as expected with the inner groups.

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