Getting Phone Number Automatically

I just started using ODK Collect and Aggregate for a pilot crowd sourcing project where anonymous users can use the ODK Collect to send observed data. It is the projects requirement to send feedback to the user. As I feel that there is no any way of sending feedback from Aggregate to Collect, I am thinking of sending SMS to the user. However to do so I have to get the user's phone number automatically (without key in) from ODK Collect). Is there any way out as a solution to my issue? or am I using a wrong product? Please shade the light.

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Welcome to ODK, @applenty!

You can enter the phone number in ODK Collect's settings ( and then use the phonenumber data type. We can't gather phone numbers automatically because Android phones don't have access to that data.

As to sending data back to users, ODK Aggregate doesn't provide that functionality. You can, of course, connect ODK Aggregate to other tools (e.g., OpenFn, RapidPro) that give you the option to text users based on incoming information. Another option I really like is generating whatever reports I need with my favorite tool (SPSS, R, etc) and giving the users a static link to those changing reports. That link can be a url prompt that is the last screen of the form they fill out.


Hello Yaw,
Thank you for the prompt reply. You gave me useful information. I will research on the options and will update you.


Glad to help! And when you get a chance, please introduce yourself here. I'd also encourage you to add a real picture as your avatar because it helps build community!