Getting started with ODk 1.0 or 2.0?

Hello Everyone,

I would like some advice on which platform to start testing out a build for a new project asap.

My project is an agricultural project focusing on high level traceability for both farmers, groups, collection centres, collection agents, sales of products and quantities etc.

There already exist some external data that will need to be imported into the system after development so ease of use is a big deal.

Also, there is a need to integrate with Power BI for building out dashboards because we need to monitor the movement of this crop from one location to another and there will also be a functional requirement of barcode scanning.

Any and all assistance is welcomed.

Hi @Jumai_Muhammed!

Here's some information on selecting the appropriate tool suite:

For longitudinal data and external data being imported, this can be done primarily in ODK-X although the ODK tools are working on developing these features.

I don't know about Power BI but generally you can build dashboards in tables (including maps). And ODK Scan can handle at least QR codes:

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For the ODK Suite, the key tools you should explore are Central and Collect.

ODK Central (server) lets you use PowerBI or Excel to connect directly to the server and build a live-updating dashboard. There is also a very extensive REST API that you can connect to if you are more techincal.

ODK Collect (mobile client) has support for scanning most of the various barcode formats. See what barcode scanning looks like in the docs. As to support for external data, that really depends on the use-case. If you want to refer to pre-existing data in a survey in Collect, you can load it in via CSV or via XML.