Getting total score from figures a touched to radio button options in a form

Hello Community

I am looking for a way on how one can aggregate number tagged to an optional select value of a question in a form forexample

From the above form i want to know can one a touch score values to the dimension questions in the form such that when a person selects a particular option its respective score is captured and then the total score for all the questions is then summed .

This is how the form looks like in the system

It is straightforward. Just use as name the related value and then you can sum in a calculate question. Perhaps you need to include either coalesce or number function.

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Hi @cliff ,

@Alexander_Torrado gave a great tip - and you can get an easily-calculated score using that method.

If it's helpful, here's another way to do it using the calculation column with if statements - it's a video I made a few years ago - but hopefully helpful!


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thanks alot @Alexander_Torrado and @janna for the help