Ghana users 🇬🇭

Anyone in Ghana wants to meet-up?


Hi, am l the only Ghanaian in this forum?

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You're not alone Donald. My Name is Musah in the Upper West Region. Please contact me on this number 0244730080. Thanks!

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Great to know, am currently 70km away from you. I'll call

You are not alone, am here too, you can contact me as well

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Awesome! Based in Accra.

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I need some support on using a private server


That will be cool :slight_smile:

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Am happy you are here. Let's link up.

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Am in Tamale for now.

Am in Tamale for now. Am not sure when I will be in Accra.

Which part of Ghana are you in?

Please WhatsApp me on 0507199533.

Are you interested in meeting with other country people?

yes, that will be great

I appreciate. Thanks!