Give feedback on the six Exploratory Concept Notes

Please help us plan for Open Data Kit’s management transition from UW-CSE towards a community led open-source project by reviewing six short Exploratory Concept Notes. (The ODK management transition announcement can be found here.)

The six Exploratory Concept Notes (less than 2 pages each) about ODK's future governance present a variety of possible ideas based on the feedback from the previous community survey and from discussions with various stakeholders.

We are seeking feedback from members of the community to help hone the possible ideas presented in the six Exploratory Concept Notes and shape them into ideas that will be used to create Refined Concept Notes. The Refined Concept Notes will be reviewed at the ODK Convening and posted on the Governance forum for discussion.

Please help us refine the six Exploratory Concept Notes (less than 2 pages) by reading them and providing feedback via the discussions below or via this Survey by 6/25/17.

The role of the concept notes at the convening

During the convening, the community will be reviewing the concept notes, and considering the pros and cons of each of them. Which elements seem the most exciting? The most feasible? What are the obstacles that might arise when trying to implement them? Are there alternatives that seem more appealing? We also want you to think about how you might participate in some of the suggested structures. What roles might you take on? How might your organizations be involved? We’ll ask you to think about the plans holistically as well as dive into the details of the areas that are most important to you.

By the end of the convening, we hope to have a group consensus about which approaches are preferable, which are realistic, and which are undesirable. We’ll record that consensus in a group-edited document which will then be discussed by the wider community and used by the steering committee to create a transition plan. Those who’ve enjoyed the decision-making process and have the time and energy to help with the transition are encouraged to join the steering committee.

Exploratory Concept Note A - Join an Existing Foundation

Exploratory Concept Note B - New ODK Nonprofit with Paid Staff

Exploratory Concept Note C - Become Part of a New Nonprofit Foundation of Software for Social Good

Exploratory Concept Note D - Hybrid – Establish New Nonprofit Partnering with Small Consortium of ODK-related Companies to Maintain d Further Develop ODK

Exploratory Concept Note E - Existing for-Profit Company

Exploratory Concept Note F - The (Nearly) “Nothing” Approach

Please take some time and give feedback about what you would like to see in more refined concept notes and what the future of ODK should look like.

The deadline for submitting feedback via the Survey is 6/25/17 11:00 PM PDT (Seattle).

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