Google App Engine and VM


I am currently using Google App engine to host my server and I have already started collecting submissions. I want to switch to Virtual Machine because I realize I will now have many submissions (way over 7,000). How do I move my aggregate?

Use Briefcase to pull the forms from App Engine and push them to your VM.


That said, if you enable billing on your account, you'll get $200/month credit on App Engine that should work for large deployments. has more.

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Thanks for the information. The ODK site says that I will has issues exporting the data for large deployments (in excess of 7,000). Will enabling the billing solve the issue of exporting (I am using briefcase to export)? It’s not clear to me from the information provided. Thank you!

If you want to move to a VM, my recommendation is to try the Briefcase pull first and see how that goes. I bet you'll be fine. If you run out of quota, you can wait 24 hours to try the pull again. If you don't want to wait 24 hours, then enable billing, and you should have plenty of quota.

All that said, I bet you'll also be fine on App Engine if you enable billing and use the $200/month credit.