Google assistant to read out questions

What is the general goal of the feature?
Working with people who don't read, so using Audio Assisted forms. Each question has to be recorded separately and is fixed, so can't for instance include data from earlier questions.

i.e. What was the cause of death of your child Muhamed, who was six when he died.

It would be great if an AI assistant such as google assistant could 'read' the questions out without us needing to prerecord them, therefore filling in the blanks. This is particularly useful when doing complex surveys about extended families, as in the example where we might need to ask about fifteen children, of whom some are dead and some are living. Harder for the respondent to get lost or confused when the question includes the names, ages and so on. Also would save a lot of work for those using audio assisted surveys.
This tool would be very useful for forms using self-completion, which is highly preferred when asking very sensitive questions.