Google sheet and blank value in cell with ODK form data transfer


I am really glad to find the ODK forum, I discovered ODK last month and I really enjoy it.
I encountered a bug which seem to be know by the ODK community but not really solve.
I have sheet of a googlesheet where I send data from ODK forms, and I have blank values which inteferes with formulas in certains columns for each sending of a new form.
For exemple, I have 15 columns where datas from ODK form are stored, and the newt columns, I have automatic formulas supposed to use datas from ODK.Eah time I send a new form with datas, formulas make the error REF!,and when i click on the cell, I notes that there is an undesirable space which has been send by ODK form.
Peraphs another users of ODK have meet the same matter, so I will be very glad to know if they succed to solve this bug.

I tried to use TRIM function into cell but it doesnt work and I wonder how I can fix the matter ?

Hi @Michel_G
We're glad you're here. When you get a chance, please introduce yourself on this forum thread.

are you talking about blank values in empty cells (without answers)?