[Google sheets query] Support for media::image


  1. Have a google sheet xlsform where I want to add media::image to be able to display images for multiple choice questions.
  2. I download the form and convert it to xml using the https://github.com/opendatakit/xlsform-offline tool.
  3. I uploaded the xml to google drive and use that in the settings for collect.

The above does not seem to work. Please help if I am missing anything here. Thanks for your help.

[Update]: The error that I get is File: /storage/emulated/0/odk/forms/test-form-media/test.jpg missing.


Hi @abhinav2471

did you upload an xml file to GD (let's say it's testform.xml) and media files in that case (testform-media dir with all media files)? and both are in the same place on your GD?


Thanks a ton for your help @Grzesiek2010 . My issue was that I was copying all the media files directly in the same GD as the xml file and not in a folder named testform-media. After fixing this, it works beautifully.

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Gracias estaba teniendo el mismo problema, nombraba al directorio-media igual que el directorio donde estaba mi formulario encuesta-test1.xml (/test-form1) y me daba error.

Al nombrar mi directorio-media igual al formulario (encuesta-test1.xml) ya pude visualizar mis imágenes en odk collect