Google Sheets submissions don't allow underscores in the variable name

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While converting the excel file into xml (online) format the variable names those have underscore (eg- hh_name), for them the following error is coming "Google Sheets submissions don't allow underscores in the column name. If you intend to use Google Sheets submissions, replace underscores with hyphens in the following names: section_A, basic_info". However the file is finally being converted into xml and the odk is working properly. My question is that whether this will create any problem in future, like force stop, submission difficulties, problem in data downloading etc.? I have attached a screen short of the error.

I am using excel sheet for the programming and convert it to xml (Online).

Hi @Amrita_Pal! Where will you be submitting your submissions? If you have connected ODK Collect to a Google Drive account and will be storing your submissions in Google Sheets, then this warning applies to you. Similarly, if you submit to ODK Aggregate, then publish to Google Sheets, I think you'll run into this issue. However, if Google Sheets is not part of your workflow, then this warning does not apply to you.


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Am experiencing such a problem. Also when I try to submit, I get Failed Pre condition error.
Anyone with a solution to this?

Hi @Jomoko,

Can you send the form in which the problem occur so that we can help you out.

Hi. My problem was resolved bu @Grzesiek2010.
Mob thanks

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Thanks for your response.