Got ODK Stickers

Hi all,
Today(14May2018), I got my ODK Stickers and a letter written by Yaw Anokwa, founder of ODK himself. Humbled by kind appreciation for my small contribution towards ODK Community. It genuinely feels great when someone you follow, appreciate you personally in a letter filled with moral boosting kind words. Feeling like a superstar, the letter quote “A huge thank you to you and your whole team(PMA2020) for all that you do to improve lives!”

Here is the video:


@iamnarendrasingh I'm glad you got the note! The sticker program was another one of @LN's great ideas and she wrote the note as a thank you from the entire ODK community, myself included.

@LN has been sending out stickers in batches as she has the time. The first batch went to interns who filed out the internship survey and the second batch is going out to a handful of contributors around the world so we can test our international shipping process.

In the next few weeks, we will announce a more formal process for contributors to request stickers, so stay tuned for that!

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Glad you received it and enjoyed it, @iamnarendrasingh! It didn't actually take that long to get to you which I'm impressed by. Go US and India postal services!

Here's my ODK sticker in its natural habitat:

I hope to see more pictures of where people stick theirs on this thread!

As @yanokwa mentioned, more info coming soon on how to get yours. Or if you just can't wait, send me a personal message with your mailing address! :blush:

Hey Helene,

I would love to get an ODK sticker. I keep the ODK conversations going in Kenya.



@paul_macharia You can send me a private message with your address by clicking on my picture and then clicking on the blue message button!

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Congratulation you deserved it.

Here is my ODK stickers.

@yanokwa and @LN


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