GPS accuracy and altitude in Google Sheets

Pls let me know, why Geopoint is not showing accuracy and altitude when submitted from ODK Collect to Google Sheets. (Data is present in the mobile device, but after submitting to Google Drive, the result sheets column shows only Lat and Long)

If you want to see accuracy then you should give a variable name to accuracy in survey sheet and then you are able to see get reading of accuracy.


Thanks Narendra
Can u give me an example

Please find out details here.

@iamnarendrasingh If u really want to help someone , pls provide a simple solution. I tried various options including using Calculations , but am not able to get the accuracy value into Google Sheets.

If possible provide the excel row data to get the accuracy value.

My survey excel has the below record for GPS Location

type name lable
geopoint location GPS Location

What is to be the next row for Getting Accuracy of the above location

I have tried the below row in survey sheet and its showing error

type name label calculation
geopoint location Asset Location
calculate Haccur HAccuracy pulldata(@geopoint, ${location},'horizontalAccuracy')

@LN and @yanokwa can u pls correct the above for me, I searched in different sites but not getting a solution, or is it that ODK sheet doesn't support the above feature as is the case of repeats

Google Sheets doesn't support accuracy and altitude. We didn't add it because the Google Sheets integration was for mapping into Google products and you can't map if you have all that data in the column.

The issue was filed at to improve this, but we haven't had time to discuss it. I'll see if we can get it added soon.

One quick workaround is to to use calculates to extract the values that you want.

|   type    |  name  |                 label                  |       calculation       |
| geopoint  | point  | geopoint                               |                         |
| calculate | alt    |                                        | selected-at(${point},2) |
| calculate | acc    |                                        | selected-at(${point},3) |
| note      | output | altitude: ${alt} m, accuracy: ${acc} m |                         |


Thank u very much Yaw for the support.

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