GPS - collecting track while filling in questions

Dear community,

Is there a way to

  • start collecting a track (using a geoshape or geotrace type question, wit setting on automatic recording)
  • be able to follow up with the questions in the form?

Our particular user case are enumerators taking tracks around big parcels, and taking the opportunity of walking with the interviewee to ask the rest of the questions.

Thanks for you support and answers, as usual :slight_smile:

Hi @Emma_Joseph_Oudin ,

no but it is a feature some of us would be glad to have :

Hi @Emma_Joseph_Oudin,

CyberTracker (an ODK client) does support this. Check out the documentation here:

There is also a sample form under demos here called "Track file":

The way it works is through side-effects of the save operation, i.e. when you save you can turn the track timer on/off using an expression. When stopping, it populates a hidden file question in the form with a compressed geojson or KMZ file with all the track points.

Let me know if you would like to explore this and I can help you get set up.