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Dear friends greetings,
i am completely new with aggregate, we use ODK integrated with google sheet, it was simple and working very will, now i want to use aggregate, so, odk was installed on app engine, forms are uploaded, collect was sat. now i can not manage access to my aggregate, i searched google and YouTube, but i could not understand, so , can any one help me on this regard?

we are here to help you. Could you please give more hint about your problem.

and please introduce yourself here. Introduce yourself here! ,

Go through with below video might be this will helpful to you.


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thank you so much dear, @iamnarendrasingh, i have not problem with its installation, my problems is with managing its access, as i am completely new with aggregate, so i need your help. the problem is
added some email addresses as data viewer, i changed its password, but still i can not access aggregate through added email. please see attachment
i attachment, i added as data viewer, password was changed, now, i tried to log in to the database through that email. it is not opening on mentioned email and password.

@adil_mansour As noted in the docs at, Google turned off that functionality of using Google e-mail accounts for accessing the site in April 2015.

@ggalmazor Can you please file an issue to disable this option in future versions of Aggregate?

I've created the issue #286