Grant Writer Who Is New to the World of Electronic Data Collection

I am a grant writer, who has previously written only for the Arts. Data collection has not been a problem. Now, I am writing a Letter of Inquiry to the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation with the goal being the elimination of parasitic worm infestation in Haiti. The grant stresses "data innovation incubator". I am just learning about data collection, and am interested in your open data kit, but I have no idea about data innovation, nor about what "incubator" means in this context. Please help.

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Hi @cpapalas and welcome to the ODK forum! We're glad you're here. When you get a chance, please introduce yourself here. I'd also encourage you to add a real picture as your avatar because it helps build community!

The ODK docs are a great resource to learn more about using the tools.

The Showcase category on the forum is a great place to learn more about how people have incorporated ODK into their projects.

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@cpapalas Perhaps you are referring to the Neglected Tropical Diseases Data Innovation Incubator RFP? In the primary supporting material of the call Gates explain what they mean.

My understanding is that foundation has identified eight priority use-cases and they'd like to fund a few projects that address those use-cases in an innovative way. It's an incubator in the sense that projects that are funded in this round that do well will go on to receive much more funding.

Thank you, Yanokwa! Now, I know what "incubator" means outside of incubating a premie baby. I am in the process of letting the non-profit understand how important data collection really is. They are medical people, and have a great grasp on what they want to accomplish in Haiti, but have no idea about the details of how to collect the data, nor how much everything will cost. They are the idealists, and idealists are needed to get anything started. But, they, as well as I, am crashing down to earth by understanding how much detail goes into accomplishing their goal. It's been difficult, and a huge learning curve for someone like me who is older and not up on all the nuances of today's digital world.

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