Group choice lists on screen for easy selection

1. What is the general goal of the feature?
In questions with long choice lists, it can often be difficult for users to locate specific response options, especially for select multiple questions when there is a need to consistently locate choices. A feature that could help with this would be a way to group choices together based on a common thematic. On screen, the choice groups would appear together below the label/hint, with their own group label above each individual list.

In my head, this would work alongside other appearance options, so wouldn't be specified specifically in the appearance column, so you could use minimal alongside the groups, with each having a separate pull down menu. While cascading selects can help, we often have use cases where 4 or 5 options are selected and an extremely long choice list remains.

2. What are some example use cases for this feature?
You could use this to group choice lists of previous jobs by career type or of nationality by continent, for example.

I made a simple XLSForm example of how it might look, with group as a specification similar to required on the survey sheet, just requiring y/n or t/f. In the choices sheet, I included 2 columns, group and group_label, as I wasn't sure a single column group could act as both a label and the subsetter of a choices list (even though the values in group wouldn't necessarily correspond to anything in particular).

test.xlsx (36.5 KB)