Grouping ODK App users

My project has many App users and many forms. ODK Central allows me to control form access on a user-by-user basis. This is becoming increasingly inefficient. I wonder if there could be a feature to put App users into groups, so that we can more efficiently give group access to specific forms.

It's easy to replicate this issue. Create an ODK Project with LOTS of forms and LOTS of App users, you'll quickly see how it becomes very cumbersome to assign form access to individual users.

Thanks for help in advance.


Hi @Gideon_Erkenswick.

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You could try creating a single app user for a group of enumerators with similar roles and share the QR code to all of them

How many enumerators do you have, how amy forms do you need them to have access to?

You could also create a question within your form where the data collectors will identify themselves.



Thanks for your response. I will certainly introduce myself to the group.

I have been using those options you suggested, but we do loose some flexibility with controlling access to forms for individual App users. Thanks so much for getting back to me.

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Hi @Gideon_Erkenswick, thanks for sharing your experience. We agree that a grouping concept would be valuable, and are currently considering how we might improve this experience.

Would you be open to a user interview? If so, I'll reach out privately, and we can schedule a time to chat so we can learn more.

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Some grouping with inherited permissions/form access would certainly be a nice feature when managing a lot of QRs. My QRs are at the device level, not user level, but in either case it would be great to make one small change and add a group of them to a new form etc.