GSoC 2020: Improve the Skunkworks-Crow Application

Skunkworks-Crow is a device-to-device transfer application that supports WiFi and Bluetooth to transfer data. This year, we would like to release this app and enhance its robustness and its code readability. A successful proposal for this project should contain these parts:

  1. Fixing bugs and stabilizing performance, especially adapting the changes to the ODK Collect and making the features works well in Android 9 and above devices.
  2. Propose a way to automatic testing code and checking quality. Including but not limited to unit tests, CI/CD.
  3. Propose a way to refactor our codebase, and make the code easier to read and maintain.
  4. Propose a way to solve the scoped storage issue due to which skunkworks-crow may not be able to access the ODK-Collect storage files.

Note: This summer project scope will be limited to improving the existing features and fixing the problems faced while the transmission is made, depending on the feasibility new features can be added as and when required.

For more details, please refer to

  1. GSoC 2020: Some ideas about the Skunkworks-Crow Project
  2. Collect will need to stop using /sdcard/odk for files

Requirements: Android, Java
Difficulty: Medium to Hard
Mentors: Lakshya Gupta (@dexter21) and Yizheng Huang (@Mickys0918)


Thank you for update @Jeff_Beorse

thanks, sir it sounds like great project, I can try my best and let you know as soon as possible

Hello @dexter21, @Mickys0918, @LN
I've completed the first version of my Draft Proposal.
Please give your valuable suggestions

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