GSoC: Increase devices supported by device to device transfer app

We have a device-to-device transfer app that supports WiFi-based transfer on a limited number of devices. We would like to broaden the base of supported and tested devices. A successful proposal for this project must:

  • Document the current devices we support and the limiting factors to support more devices
  • Propose a strategy to address the highest-value limiting factors to broaden the base
  • Propose a strategy to validate behavior on devices we may not have access to (e.g., unit and instrumentation tests, user-reported feedback)

The selected student will implement the proposed strategies.

Requirements: Android
Difficulty: Medium
Mentors: Shobhit Agarwal (@Shobhit_Agarwal) and Lakshya Gupta (@dexter21)


hi everyone, i am Vasu Harshvardhan , a 2nd year student at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India. I want to work with ODK in GSOC 2019. I am interested in this project of ODK skunkworks-crow


My Name is Harsh Joshi. I am in my sophomore year. I would like to work on "Internship project: Increase devices supported by device to device transfer app" for gsoc 2019. I am interested in ODK skunkworks-crow. Please help

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Hi. I’m Sajeer from university of Moratuwa Sri Lanka. I’m in my final years in Computer Science and Engineering.
I need to know more about what device to device transfer means. Is it some peer to peer connection made to transfer data or something else.

you can find the description there

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hi @Shobhit_Agarwal @dexter21 . I am Harsha currently pursuing my Btech degree in K L University . I am intesrted in this project . Can i Know more information abot this project . And i am new this plat form . Please instruct me how to communicate and how to work

Hi @harsha4444, Can you go through the readme of project on github and if you have any doubts you can ask it on skunkworks channel on Slack.

Hello, I'm not sure what Document the current devices means, I mean, we use Wi-Fi to transfer the forms and some other data. The devices related limiting factors can only be the hardware (not support the wifi Hotspot or GPS) or the android version (the ROM versions are not support some system software). When writing proposal, should we list the specific device names or classifying them using android API levels and firmware?

Any suggestions can help a lot. @yanokwa @dexter21 @Shobhit_Agarwal

I don't think device names are necessary. Hardware limitations and API levels should be sufficient. The caveat is, in Android, it's important to verify as much as you can on a real device.


We have noticed different behavior for different android versions and sometimes for specific device models. But that information needs to be double checked and documented. So I agree with @yanokwa, API levels and hardware limitations should be sufficient as a part of the proposal.


thank for the reply @dexter21. Sorry for the delay, Definetly I will look into it

Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is enjoying doing contributions and learning from their contributions as well.

Those who have eyes on this project I would encourage you all to start writing proposals as student application start date 25th March is approaching and it would be good if you post the draft proposal on forum or slack channel before deadline to get early feedback. Feedback helps you improve your proposal and increases your chance of selection because it makes your proposal more stronger. Don't wait for deadline to submit draft proposal, last moment proposal reviews creates chaos and confusion so to avoid that post draft proposals early.

In case you need any help in writing proposal like what all information it should contain, what it should not, etc. you can ask the questions either here or on the slack channel.


Hello everyone,

I am Rohan Prasad, 3rd year student from Galgotias University. I am very much interested in this project, I am well-versed with the code-base for this project as I have some PRs in this project. I have started writing proposal for the project, but I am facing some difficulties regarding it. I'm unsure about what to include in Proposal for Propose a strategy to validate behavior on devices we may not have access to (e.g., unit and instrumentation tests, user-reported feedback) like I looked into it, and found out about Firebase Test Lab that may help with the issue, but it is price based. I also looked into instrumentation tests, but it does not help with validate behavior on devices we may not have access to . Also what should I include in the proposal, since most part of the project includes documentation, so I cannot provide with any mock-ups for the same.

Any suggestions are welcome and will help me a lot. Any help will be highly appreciated! @Shobhit_Agarwal @yanokwa

Hey everyone, this is my first version of proposal, it is open to your suggestions!
Thanks very much!

Please review if you have time @Shobhit_Agarwal @dexter21 @yanokwa