Guidance hints in Enketo

When we enable enketo from forms created in xls the collapsible hints do not show. Any suggestions on how to make the training hints appear in enketo?

I'm not sure whether Enketo supports guidance hints.!forum/enketo-users would be the place to ask or @martijnr may chime in here!

In Enketo the guidance hints show up on print outs. You can test with this form and uploading it to (Preview in Enketo and then click Print button).

Does that already address your requirements @LaraVR? If not, we'd be happy to (find some small funding to) add a special training view to Enketo that displays the hints on screen (is collapsible required in that case?). Would that meet your requirements or do need these hints to be accessible during data collection as well?

Depending on how it is implemented, it may be up to the Form/Data servers (Aggregate, Central, Ona, KoBoToolbox) to make this feature available to users.

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Hey Martin and LN! Thank you very much for your support!
Indeed, the guidance planned for Aggregate in excel survey form shows when printing to PDF or other. However on the inverse order (above the "open for more information"). It is less likely that our users (farmers) would print it for our questionnaires are quite extensive, covering many complex questions. We want to facilitate, that they view it for the first time and the times they forget but through the questionnaire.

Would it be possible to put it on the shortmap this training view? Collapsible, hoover over, pop-up, whatever makes the syntax for building up easier. We don't need on data collection, just for the user interface and user experience.

Thank you once again!

Thanks @LaraVR,

From your description it does sound like you'd need this extra guidance to be viewable during data collection. We'll look into this. We've added a training view to the roadmap, but maybe we can change this to collapsible guidance that is always accessible.

Hi Martinjr, thank you for your response! Do you have a timeline on this training view (collapsible guidance hints)?
We are working paperless and a pdf file printed of our questionnaires shows too long to be scrolling through mobile devices. Also they cannot view both (enketo web form and pfd guidance) at the same time... Any other suggestions, would be great!

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@LaraVR, we started working on this, so I think 'soon'.

If we get something up and running that can be tested on in the next few days, would you, or others (, be able to help test it perhaps?

Hi Martijn! Great to hear it. Surely I can test it with ODK.
Kind Regards

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Thanks! It's ready for testing now. Best place to make comments is here: (you can reopen the issue).

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Dear all, my apologies for delayed response. We have enable a few questionnaires in Enketo to test guidance hints and only now i could realize how they were implemented. So the guidance hint becomes expandable, and the hint (open for more information string) is just FYI, the real clickable button is the guidance hint. That is good, makes sense and we can work with it just fine.
The other related question is with repeating titles for sub-sections of a larger section area. Sometimes it looks tedious and repetitive. On ODK App is made that way you still keep track of what section when moving to a different page. But for Enketo with scroll down the subsections look a bit silly. Do you know a workaround it (other than not putting it on)? We are further learning Enketo and the whole organization likes the friendly layout and visibility!


Dear all, just a new update on collapsible hints: it seems to work only in Chrome. In Microsoft Edge and Firefox (tested both) it does not work
:worried: when 1 of 3 users uses Chrome, then we need to change our questionnaires.....

Thanks for the bug report @Lara_VR! It can be tracked here:

(Not quite sure what the the other issue is, but maybe this is relevant: Please start another thread for that if needed.)

Hello @martijnr ,
Guidance_hint is now also in Enketo preview.
I would highly appreciate if the visibility can be configured for UI and for print-out, via form settings, as in KoBoCollect. Also, an icon (as in KoBoCollect) would be preferable, instead of all the redundant text "more details".

Hi @wroos,

Thanks for your feedback. I created an issue to look into replacing 'more details' with an icon: (but don't expect any action on this soon, as we'll probably wait for some Enketo adopter to take this on). Am open to design suggestions.

be configured for UI and for print-out, via form settings,

Can you explain your use case for wanting to completely hide this (or if easier: when to show the details/icon toggle)? I'm not enthusiastic about adding a setting to a webform to do this, but we may have better options once we understand when you'd like to always hide the toggles (and make it impossible to view the guidance).

Hello @martijnr,
Sorry, for delayed reply.
I would like a setting option for preview and for print-out like in KoBoCollect

A use case is:
We use the guidance_hints temporarily for training and to enhance print-out (e.g. with constraint hints for the enumerator), but we don't want to have the redundant text "more details" always on screen. In Collect the collapsed form is just a small (i) icon.

And in general we would appreciate a lot, that we encounter less differences between Enketo and Collect. Including small things, like different system labels for acknowledge type button.

Have a nice and save week-end.
Kind regards

Is that something you could help with? ODK Collect and Enketo are both open source applications that are open to contributions and maintained by different people. Speaking up when something doesn't feel right is a great start so thank you for that. In this specific case, helping with documentation would be a big help. Had there been screenshots available in the docs as described at, that might have helped align the Enketo implementation.