Having error regarding indexed-repeat()

I am having problem regarding indexed-repeat(), I am tying to reference the name of the HH member from the the repeat group by some calculation out of that repeat group.

I am using xls form on android.
I have attached the sample form for reference.

tmp_1.xlsx (31.4 KB)

hi @Dp_Lhr2000
I have look at you work and make some changes to it that will best solve you problem. please find attached the updated file. tmp_review.xlsx (58.2 KB)


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@Fabla where was the issue? because the process is same now as earlier but the only difference is we are not taking the inputs of random number and number of members.

why it was showing error of taking inputs?

Thanks again.

hi @Dp_Lhr2000

the random number is from a calculated field so it is better you refer to the calculated field rather than you entering it again, it should work any way but i don't know exactly why it didn't work with that, secondly your (${q_id1} mod ${c1_18})+1 this calculation has to remain integer to be able to hold any whole number hence you can make it int((${q_id1} mod ${c1_18})+1)


Thanks for your support