Help confirming IP address of remote survey respondants

Hello everyone. I am going to conduct a international survey. i will distribute survey links to different households in my country which have a relative of them living abroad. Then they will send the link to their relative who might be a friend,brother/sister,cousin,father/mother,husband/wife,son/daughter etc. who is living abroad.
Now the problem is that i need to be sure that the respondant of the survey is the one living abroad.
how can i get data of their IP adress so i can be sure that the respondent is living abroad and not living in my country. because otherwise this will affect my study.

There are a lot legal issues to consider when you collect IP addresses. Assuming you've resolved those, here are couple of ideas you could try...

  • Have them click a link in the question text that goes to or and they can manually enter their IP in the form.
  • You can look through the web server logs when they submit and you'll see their IPs.
  • You can embed the form in a website that uses something like CloudFlare's firewall to block all traffic from a country.

The last two options really depend on how what ODK backend you are using. If you are using ODK Cloud, we can work with you to implement the last two.