Help in sold this question

A1. There is multiple choice in the A1 question and (let's say I choose 5 out of 10 answers)
In the question A2, the 5 answers that I chose in A1 question should be given, and I should choose only one answer from these answers.
How do I resolve this issue?

Hi David,



There are examples of what you are trying to do.

I get help and sand you file. hope it help you too
testForm.xlsx (7.2 KB)

Hi @David_Shoshitaishvil

I suggest that you go through the Forum threads referenced by @ahblake and come back with specific questions, outlining what you did, what you expected and what you got. That way community members will be in a better position to assist.

Going through the XLSForm Tutorial: Your first form documentation will help you have a better understanding of form building.

I strongly suggest that you code your forms using the XLSForm template. Your attached file is missing important and required sheets - survey, choices & settings (optional)