Help installing ODK Central server

I have a server to self-host the central DOK but I am not able to implement this, could anyone help me do it or show me how I can do it, and I would like to know if self-hosting is paid

If you are comfortable with Linux server administration, you can self-host Central for free. And while Central itself is available at no cost, please account for your infrastructure expenses and the time needed for ongoing maintenance.

The instructions to self-host are at If you find the instructions hard to follow, it likely means that you don't yet have the necessary technical skill to self-host (and self-support the install).

Note that it's not the initial install makes hosting Central a challenge, it's keeping the install fast, reliable, and secure with threat monitoring, regular backups, server maintenance, automated updates, etc. That's what you get when you pay for ODK Cloud. It's the same ODK software, but fully managed by the ODK team.

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