HELP Need google app engine

I have 7 forms and every form have 200 questions (no picture question)
we get data from 365 schools 365*7forms=2555 total forms.
Total 30 android devices use for this project
How to increase storage or speed on Google app engine or
I pay a monthly 200 dollar or it's possible I pay the only specific amount
what method to increase space or storage google app engine?
Help me

Hey @azam_iqbal , First of all I would like to tell you price which is on below link: , you should read Daily and monthly charges paragraph.

Now let me come with one post which is here Billing Information
This will help you alot. YOu do not out $200, just add your credit card and your study will complete in $50 and once your study will complete remove all forms from there Server.

One more thing which will reduce the cost which is Briefcase CLI So, there will be no need to login and there will be no charged for downloading data from the server.

Please remember to close out question threads as 'solved' once you have a solution or a satistactory answer :slight_smile: .


Thanks for your reply
brother one thing more

What do you think i increase Instance class b2 to b4 ?
or its enough ?
i don't want risk my data is loss or corrupt or server is down during field ?

First of all it depends that when you were installing ODK Server which location did you select i.e. lowa(us-central1) , LosAngeles(US_west2) and many more which is just above on b2 ,b5 category.

Chances for Data Loss is always less however, if you will face any Data loss then you can recover those froms from android OS like from your tablets which are using in data collection.


I use lowa(us-central1) and b2
Now you please explain what steps I take further proceeding or increase server size
Give me details step by step like
step 1
step 2
step 3
and etc.

I appreciate your help