Help on xlsxform at choices sheet

Hello everyone. I have a question related to xlsxform design. I have uploaded 2 images which are part of my survey and choices sheet. i have hidden in red my choices because this is a real project and for data confidentiality.
Now i have 2 questions BR1 and BR2. BR2 is a select_one question whose choices that will appear are the ones that will be selected at BR1 which is multiple choice question.
now lets get to the problem where i need help. suppose somoene selects other, specify at br1. and then a text field will open where he will fill it. is there any way that the text that the respondent writes at br1_os appears as choice for br2. i have tried it in the way i have uploaded the image but it doesn't work. do you know any other way?

Hello @Ricard_Hoxha,

Your solution should have worked, except that you are referencing a different field.

XLForms being case-sensitive, try changing the reference in row 95 of choices sheet to ${BR1_os}

I did not test it, but, it should work as intended

Best regards,
Jules R

Hello @jules_rugwiro ,
Thanx a lot! It worked
BEst regards,