Help. when i click enketo in odk monitorin of a form it opens the enketo of another one

Hello everyone. i am using odk monitoring to monitor my projects. the error i am writing a topic about it is the first time that has ever happend to me. when i click the enketo form at this project kantar it is showing an error saying: Form with ID "Public_e_Readiness_06_2023" not found in /formList
this form: Public_e_Readiness_06_2023 is a form i have deleted but it has nothing to do with kantar form. kantar form is still in the server and running. but when i try to acces the enketo form today it shows this error. i uploaded and deleted the Public_e_Readiness_06_2023 form yesterday afternoon

when i used to click the enketo at kantar in the begginning it would open this link:

Now this link has also been generated for the other form public ereadiness.

I know i am not that clear. please ask for more clarifications

Hi @Ricard_Hoxha

Please double-check if the correct forms do exist on the server. Are you able to access the form from ODK Collect?

Here are some general troubleshooting ideas:

  1. Please clear your browser cache (might be a caching issue)
  2. Access the form from a different browser
  3. Restart your central instance (as a last resort)