Help with calculation column

buenos, dias alguien me puede ayudar con la columna calculation
Good moring someone can helpme with calculation column?


What specific problem are you having with the calculation column?

hello everyone, I had problem with the constraint and the calculate column, I want that the total of a serie, be validate with other value estableshid in other cell before Formulario_prueba.xlsx (27.9 KB)
I want validate the result of row 20 with the value of row 6


To confirm...

for area_parcelas you ask for a decimal value for the total area of all plots:
38. Cuál es la superficie total de todas las parcelas que tiene Ud.

later, you ask for the values for area for each type of plot:
2.Cultivos anuales o temporales
3.Cultivos permanentes o semi-perenmes
4.En descanso o tacotales
6.Pasto mejorado

and you want to make sure that the value for area_parcelas matches the sum for the answers to the 8 plot types? and require that the two match before the user may continue with the survey?

good morning nice to met wiht you
I want that the value set in cell c6 will be same of the result of calculate in cell c20, if the result is diferent, show a messages for correct a value en the sum operation

Thank you

sorry for my bad english


precisely that is I want to do

Something like this should do what you want?

type name label required constraint constraint_message appearance
decimal area_parcelas 38. Cuál es la superficie total de todas las parcelas que tiene Ud.
begin group uso_suelofinca 41. Sobre el uso del suelo en toda su finca: ¿Puede indicarnos qué cultivos ocupan su finca? Recuerde que el total del area que indico en la pregunta 38 fue de ${area_parcelas} manzanas field-list
decimal casa 1.Casa/bodegas/trojas/huerto yes
decimal cultantemp 2.Cultivos anuales o temporales yes
decimal culpersemiper 3.Cultivos permanentes o semi-perenmes yes
decimal tacotal 4.En descanso o tacotales yes
decimal natural 5.natural yes
decimal pastmejo 6.Pasto mejorado yes
decimal bosque 7.Bosques yes
decimal otro_usosuelo 8.Otro yes ${area_parcelas} = (${casa} + ${cultantemp} + ${culpersemiper} + ${tacotal} + ${natural} + ${pastmejo} + ${bosque} + ${otro_usosuelo}) Please check that your answers add up to the amount indicated in question 38. All 8 questions must be answered, please answer 0 if 0.
end group


Thank you, very much, It was just what I needed

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