sorry you are having problems. the good news is that you are quite close!

before your copy of aggregate can receive data from your phone, you'll
need to upload a form to it. this is required because aggregate uses
this form to create the appropriate database to store your data.

i'd recommend you build a sample form using odk build, export it to
your copy of aggregate, and see if your phone can download that form.
data you fill out in that form can then be submitted.

you'll find that the mailing list (cc'ed here) is the best place to
ask these kinds of questions. try my suggestions and let the list know
how it goes...


··· On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 15:07, Jeff Clonts wrote: > I apologize in advance as I have read through the directions to collect, > build and aggregate and I still am pretty clueless. I downloaded and > installed the ODK Collect onto my Android phone. This was very easy and I > collected information using the GeoTagger forms. I did not build any forms, > so I proceeded to Aggregate. I downloaded, unzipped and ran > “” which resides in V0.9.4. The next step I > created an App Engine Account, received the text message to verify the > account. Next I ran “”. This is the point > where I get a little lost. On my Android I changed the server location to > the AP ID I created. I then clicked on send finished data and it went > through the steps. How do I access the information I collected in the field? > I entered the URL in my browser, logged in and I can not find anywhere that > I can locate the information. Any help would be great! Again, sorry for my > ineptness! > > > > > > > > Jeff Clonts | GIS Analyst | > > > > Matrix Design Group, Inc. | 1601 Blake Street | Denver, CO 80210 | 303 > 226 7871 P | 303 572 0202 F | > > > > > >