Helping Coordinate Translations

Hi All, I'm helping coordinate translations. Please post in here if you are interested in translating ODK software or documentation. I'm still getting up to speed on everything but I can add people in Transifex and help you get started.

I speak German and Indonesian at an intermediate level, so I'll probably not be contributing any translations directly myself.

Terima Kasih and Danke!


Hah. I’ve been doing too much graphics programming. I read that as coordinate (noun) translations, as in from world to device coordinates.

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Hello Kate Chapman,
I am from Afghanistan. I can help translating ODK to Pashto and Dari.

Thank you


Hi, I can help with the Spanish translation of the apps.

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@AlbertoB and @naseem.akbarzai For ODK Collect, you can get started by going to and signing up for your language. Can you try that and report back if you run into any problems?

Thanks @yanokwa I was having problems figuring out where I saw the request for the Pashto and Dari translations.

@naseem.akbarzai let me know if it works for you.

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@yanokwa @wonderchook, Thank you both. I added Pushto and Persian( Dari is same but name different here in Afghanistan). I am ready to start working on it ASAP.

Please let me know if anything more needed to proceed.

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I have joined the team but it says there 0 strings to translate. The translations I have seen are not very good are "services" but cannot find them in transifex.

That's fantastic, @naseem.akbarzai! They should be ready for you to start translating at You can set the language at the top from the pulldown (requires an account).

@AlbertoB The Spanish translators are very active so all strings have a translation. You should be able to search for the string that doesn't seem right and then propose a change. Here's what it looks like for me:

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Hi @wonderchook I want to help translate documentation in French .

@tiendrebeogo I'm not sure what the documentation translation process is right now. @adammichaelwood are there instructions for this somewhere?

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We don't have a process at the moment.
We started working on it but ended up neglecting it as we didn't have anyone ready to start working on actual translations.
(I think the docs were still in-flux enough that translations weren't quite a reasonable thing to work on at that time, too.)

But if @tiendrebeogo is ready and able to do that work, we should put a process in place to support it.

I will look later today at where we left off with putting the tooling for this in place and report back as soon as I can.

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Hi @adammichaelwood . I'm ready to help for translation for french . Peple here love ODK but the main site and useful services like ONA.IO are in english, that slows things and it's a little. I'ts hard to find french docs, this is where I think I can help.

I'm waiting for the next steps.

Hi @tiendrebeogo! We are working on getting the infrastructure in place, but it might take some time on the ODK docs, but we've made progress on two fronts.

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@tiendrebeogo Thanks again for offering to help translate. @martijnr has made translatable and documented the process at Can you give it a try?

Thanks @yanokwa. I'm working on it.

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I dont no how to resubmit my onboarding form in the odk app