"here()" function to return the current location

Do you think a fonction that returns the current location or a hidden question type could exist ?
As we can use now() to get current time, it could be very useful to be able to get the current location without asking for a geopoint, for example to filter options to be shown in a select from map :slight_smile:

Have you tried start-geopoint? The way it's implemented in the underlying XForms spec, it can be triggered by value change or repeat creation but we haven't exposed that in XLSForm yet. Do note that it's different from time because you're not guaranteed to get a good point or a point at all within the 20s window that it will try.

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Thanks @ln !
I didn't know that. I was thinking it was only usable one time at the begining of the form.
I will try it and come back to you about that.

I did compare it to now() because it can be used in a calculation without invoking it in a previous question.

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