Hide Choose Image Button

Hi! Greetings from Guatemala, so sorry for my bad english.

I need to hide the "Choose Image" Button. Is there any option on "appearance" to do it? Thanks.


Use compact-2 under appearance.


Hi @Oscar_Orozco, does the feature at Disable choosing an image, video or audio describe what you're looking for?

We weren't immediately able to decide what to name the appearances and there were some questions about that process. I think we should try to get that done soon because it's not difficult to implement and provides clear value.


Thanks! So, if I understood well all the conversations, is it not possible yet, but it will soon, right?


@Oscar_Orozco That would certainly be the intention.

The blocker is coming up with a coherent set of appearance names that work for the different mediatypes that need to have the ability to hide the choose button. A summary of that need is here. Please consider making a proposal in that thread.

That conversation turned into a discussion about a process for making changes to the form specification as requested by @issa. That conversation started at Formalizing process for ODK XForms spec changes but did not get much reaction. I'm not sure how to make progress from here. @yanokwa @martijnr any ideas? This is a relatively simple feature to implement and it would be great to get it in!


@LN It would be great to have this option! Thanks.

How do I hide the record audio icon? Some enumerator will intentionally turn off.