Hide Time for the data collectors and keep getting the real time after make it hidden

Hi everyone,

My name is Tariq and I am based on Jordan, I have started working hardly on developing my tools building skills using xlsforms, the process is going very well since I am a fast learner. Sometimes I face some obstacles but still doing my best to make everything possible.

I am reaching out to you seeking your support on an issue related to the hidden feature to the time question, where I want to make the time question invisible to the data collectors but still getting the real time for each submission as they are entering it manually, I belive with the attached xls format you will have a better understanding on the issue.

Many thanks in advance and extrem
hidden feature.xlsx (13.0 KB)
ely happy to be part of this community.


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Hi @Tarek30
What you need to do is to include metadata with 'start' and 'end' question types. Enumerators cannot be able to view this. The difference between the 'end' and 'start' shall indicate the duration the survey took. Check the attached image for a clearer explanation.


https://docs.getodk.org/form-audit-log/ will give you very fine-grained time tracking as well. And if you need just track time in a single section, see https://docs.getodk.org/form-logic/#lightweight-timestamping


Many thanks, will try to apply this feature on the tool that I am working on. appreciated!