Hierarchical access (differential access) to selected entities dataset based on a staff location and position

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.
I have a workflow situation where only selected data can be made available to a user based on his/her location and position.
For example, there are Farmer Facilitators > area manager > country team.

We use a farmer registration form to generate an entities dataset on farmers. This data is generated by Farmer facilitators (FF)

Later each FF need to add additinal information about farmer trainings etc. We want that an FF should be able to fetch their relevant farmers only and must not have access to other farmers (added by other FFS in other regions).

On the other hand, while using Central, area manager or country team person should have access to their designated regions.

This concept of hierarichal access or differential access is available in CommCare.

One possible solution is to generate multiple projects and assign them to each area manager. The draw back to this approach is its scalability. We are more than 100 areas and its not efficient solution.

Can someone please advise me on what can be the suitable workflow to accommodate this need?