Hint text area next to input

Dear all,

It will be great if we could use a specific appearance to add the "hint" on the right (or left) of a prompt (e.g hint-right , hint-left )

Like that without major change on the XFORM we could add units; for example having "kg" after the weight prompt. (dividing the screen in 2 column a bit like the list-nolabel)

This question was already asked few years ago Displaying units in fields but I wanted to start a new thread because the requestor might not be around anymore.

do you think it is possible on collect/enketo ?

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It's possible to style the text in your label:
Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 4.24.53 PM

Or use a note to add text below a prompt:

But you'd like to add it directly next to an input field?

Thank for the reply

Yes I 'd like to have exactly what you show in your last screenshot

(it might also be on the left)


Bootstrap provides for something that looks similar on inputs.


Thank you that looks even better, I am not familiar with bootstrap, can I use it by tweaking the XFORM or XLSFORM ?

thanks in advance

Not that I know of. I've moved this post to #features and added that screenshot of existing web styling that might be useful when thinking about this. If you know other people that would find this useful, please encourage them to add their use case here and explain why the feature is needed.

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