HOT looking for Disaster Services Information Management Associate

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) is looking for a Disaster Services Information Management Associate

Position description

The Disaster Services Information Management Associate will play a critical role on HOT’s Disaster Services Team (DST). This person will be responsible for producing data analysis, visualizations, and reporting that communicates deep insights and analysis into the various (geospatial) datasets collected. Additionally, a specific focus for the selected candidate will be to lead data and design work for DST IM-framework.

This position will be responsible for leading implementation of all analytical processes and outputs expected during an activation/disaster response in close collaboration and in support of the DST. The IM-Associate will ensure that analytical frameworks and analysis plans are implemented throughout the operation and in support of HOT-DST sectors/priorities.

This position will be responsible for implementing innovative approaches and solutions to qualitative and quantitative analysis, including the use and development of FOSS tools and services. Finally, the associate will advise the operation on the identification of priority sectors, geographic locations and severity of needs based on evidence-based data analytics. These findings will be available through standard analytical outputs that are created in a timely manner in support of the decision-making processes within an operation/the DST Team.

The associate is responsible for the implementation of information products for the operation such as maps, spatial analysis, infographics, and web-based dashboards. They will ensure the standardisation of tools throughout the operation and in support of HOT-DST. This includes the alignment of products with the HOT style guide. The officer will be responsible for implementing standard GIS and Data Visualisation best practices and will ensure that quality of products is up to standards. The officer will work in close coordination with the Response Coordinator and will be responsible for coordinating Information Management in delivering high quality information products to be used during an operation. Finally, they will support the capacity development of GIS and data visualisation principles.

The associate will be responsible for ensuring relevant, timely, and accurate Information Management products, processes, systems and tools are used in a coordinated manner for operational decision making.

This is a full-time position on the basis of remote work initially, but will likely include travel to country team offices, and potentially areas with active disaster activations.

Connection to ODK

Experience in participatory data collection, preferably using mobile, digital data collection tools such as Kobo, OpenDataKit, and OpenMapKit.

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