How big can a xlsform be

hello everyone. i am creating a xlsform for a maxdiff analysis and it would be pretty big. like i have 200 versions of a question which will be repeated 10x2(one time asking best attribute the other time other worst) times.

so i will create 200 groups with 10x2 questions. and everytime i will show different attributes. so i will need 12000 rows of data at the choices. do you think odk and xlsform can handle this?

12K choices and/or 12K questions are fine on most devices. What drives performance is the logic. If you have lots of relevance/calculations that depend on other lots of questions and your devices have very little RAM, you may have some performance issues.

In my experience, when I see a form with relevance/calculations that are very long (100+ characters), there's usually lots of room for improvement.

Can you share a couple of examples of the various questions and choices you'll be using? It will help us reason about how best to approach the form design.

the form isn't final yet but i will explain to you the progress until now and it's logic.
I will upload a part of my survey and choices sheet.
I plan to ask 10 questions to 200 respodents selecting the best and worst attributes(6 attributes will be shown per question). each respondent will have different attributes shown to the questions selcted from the pool of attributes. because of this i have so many choices because it is 200106 number of choices.
the choices sheet will only have ".png" photos. in total there are only 40 unique ".png" photos that I will upload.
the survey sheet will be kinda like in the picture. here we have group_resp_A with 10 subgroups. I will have 200 groups with 10 subgroups each. You may ask again how about the filters/conditions I am using or how each respondent will be shown 10 unique question.
well first I won't use any difficult or special filters.
we will send via e-mail to each respondent some short codes for example "FK17". In the questionnaire we will show a text box named "CODE" to the respondent where he will have to write this code.
now the only condition used it this: every main group (gr_RESP_A, gr_RESP_B...) will have a condition at the relevant column like this for example: condition at group gr_RESP_A CODE="FK17". so if the respondent writes FK17 he will be shown the questions at gr_RESP_A. each group will have unique codes and each respondent will be sent uniques codes via E-mail.
so as you see it is pretty simple but it is a bit too long.

update. the file before converted to xml can go more than 6000kb. is this maybe too big?