How can a survey be configured in a local language?


I want to know that how we can build the ODK application in local language which is not mentioned in the General settings>>Language. And i am little bit confused in SMS part, How i can prepare SMS tags?

Thank You

Hi @Ankita_Mohapatra,

If you want that your ODK survey form will be in more than one language that language might be "Hindi, English, Oriya, Bengali etc."
For this, you need to make your survey in multiple languages. The solution to this problem is, you need to enter multiple languages in your form. Also, you can change the default language from setting sheet in your form.


Thank you for your suggestion. But there is no options for oriya.

and what about ODK 2, What tools are used in ODK2 to make form?

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We are doing survey in Orisa which is in local language. I don't know much about ODK2.


How you configure app in oriya language? there is no options to configure oriya language in general settings.

@Ankita_Mohapatra Please see the documentation at on configuring form language.

To be totally explicit here, @Ankita_Mohapatra, there are two separate parts to "the language in ODK":

  • the language of all the buttons and standard user interface elements are set through General Settings. For that language to exist, someone has to have requested it and provided translations at If you would like the user interface translated to Oriya, you can do this by clicking the "Help translate ODK Collect" button in the top right, requesting the language and then contributing translations.

  • the language of the form is configured in the form definition. The link @yanokwa posted gives a good description of how that works.

For SMS submissions, please see and start a new question thread if you have a question about that process.

I just want to know in which format the sent forms are saved in the google cloud storage, in tabular format or in xml files format

It is in table format(all methods are same for all language) and when you will export whole data it will export into csv format.
One important things
When you want to do any thing on google cloud app engine one thing which is good to keep in mind if you are using free server than try to use google cloud app engine less . If you want to download use briefcase and then export data into csv file which is one of best way.

If you are using google cloud with billing than there is no worries.


Error: RequestFailureException (org.opendatakit.aggregate.exception.ODKExternalServiceCredentialsException: No OAuth2 credentials. Have you supplied any OAuth2 credentials on the Site Admin / Preferences page?)

How I can resolve this error?

This is regarding server issues . Which ODK are you using?

what is the limit or pricing amount of to use ODK aggregate?

See to understand costs of running Aggregate.