How can i access forms on someone else's app/phone through their QR code? Is it possible?

I need to access some forms on a colleagues android device, since their phone has unexpectedly conked off during a critical field visit. can I do this to access forms on their device? Is there any way I can do this please?

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I'm sorry to hear about your device problems. There is no way that I know to access a partially filled form or an un-submitted form on a device that is no longer working.

If you just need to fill out the same blank form, then you will need access to the QR configuration code for an App User with access to the form (if using Central as your server) and an internet connection in order to retrieve the form definition file. If you are using a different server other than Central, then you will likely need the user credentials for manual configuration of the server.

How broken is the phone? Does it power on at all? Do some apps run?

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