How can I attach a really large video file to my form?

Sorry to open up this discussion. I am looking at away to embed the link as iframe. How can we achieve this to be rendered correctly in ODK collect?

This is not currently possible. It would be interesting to learn more about your need. Why doesn't a link work well for you?

Thanks, first my goal was to upload a video as a media file but the video is too large. A good workaround is to host the video in public sites like youtube and link it to my form. The downside of this is that the form navigator may be distracted after visiting this source sites. To avoid the distraction, I think it would be nice to have the video embedded into the form. So no one opts out of odk collect app so as to watch the video, as navigating back may be a challenge to some users.

Alternatively, what work-around would you suggest for someone who has huge media files to be uploaded alongside the forms? Does zipping the media files work the same way as a csv files?

That makes a lot of sense, thanks for describing the need.

How big is your video file and how long is it in minutes? Can it be compressed? Central's file size limit is of 100MB so that should let you get a pretty long video in. The tradeoff is that it will need to be downloaded all at once vs. a platform like YouTube doing intelligent buffering. But of course you'll only need to download it once and then it will be available offline.

Zipping is optimized for text and doesn't do much for media files like video. I recommend trying Handbrake for video re-encoding and resizing. Especially if it's being viewed on a small screen, you can likely get that filesize way down.

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