How can I convert WHO VA 2016 ODK v1.5.3 XLS into XML?

We want to conduct a verbal autopsy using WHO adult VA updated tools in ODK. The current version of WHO adult verbal autopsy tools is v1.5.3. I have successfully converted VA ODK-XLS v1.4 into XML from online (, and run in TAB successfully. However, I couldn't convert VA tools v1.5.3. It shows an error message "Error: File was not recognized". Would anyone please suggest how can I convert successfully?

Dear @Siddique ,

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I'm the maintainer of the WHO VA questionnaire, can you exactly tell me what is the problem you encountered?
I did convert successfully the tool 1.5.3 downloaded from the who website through the xlsform online
Can you add more details on the steps that you follow to get that problem?

PS: the WHO VA 2016 is as well available on github. There you can post issues directly related to the WHO VA instrument.


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dear @aurdipas,
Thank you very much for sharing the right ODK XLS file; I able to convert it successfully. Could you please share the VA adult questionnaire in pdf. I couldn't download it from WHO website as it fails always. Thank you once again.

VA adult questionnaire in pdf it doesn't exist for the 1.5.3. There's only the instrument manual (850.2 KB)