How can I include several audio files for a single question?

Hi Grzesiek2010,

Thanks for posting this workaround. I'm using ODK to write an ACASI where each question has audio in multiple languages. I adapted your multipleMediaTest form and the preview looked promising in Enketo but the audio files do not seem to work in Collect (see screenshots below). Any ideas?


Could you attach your form (ideally with media files)?

Please see attached. (33.1 KB)

Ok I see. Unfortunately audio/video files won't work in the same way as image files and there is no way to do that.
As I understand you just want to allow playing audios, not selecting them like in select questions?

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Thanks for taking a look. Your understanding is correct. The text of each question will be displayed in several languages, and I would like participants to be able to play just the audio file for their own language. The only alternative I see is to use a single audio file for each question with all the various languages but of course that will be more cumbersome for the users.

I'm not sure I exactly understand your use case. It sounds like a single person filling out the form only needs to see/hear one language, right? If so, the documentation on multi-language forms will likely help you: You can include media files for several languages and have users select the language of their choice.

Hi LN,

Thanks for the suggestion. I'm new to ODK and had not explored the language functions yet. The population I'm interested in tend to switch very fluidly between multiple languages which is why I wanted to present each question in various languages at the same time. However, I think the drop down menu permitting participants to change the language at any time during the survey will work nicely. And as you say, this allows for separate audio files for each question in each language.

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