How can I manually configure a Central project in Collect if I can't scan in a QR code?


I'm wondering what URL and credentials to enter when manually entering details to add a project:

We would like to provide our fieldworkers with the option to manually enter project details to add a project in case any QR scanners aren't working. When trying to do this myself and inputing the ODK Central server URL, username, and password associated with my project, I am unable to Get Blank Forms. Instead, I get the error message "Form list download failed." I've tried with both my server URL and the project-specific URL, as well as with different admin credentials used in our project and none seem to work.

I'm wondering if I'm just not entering the correct URL and credentials or if it's another issue.

Thanks in advance,

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You don't need any credentials for entering project details manually. You need a URL in this format:
Replace userToken and projectId with actual values. For instance,
To see a token, which is generated for each app user, login to central and enter in your browser. You'll see tokens of all app users, including other details.
For more details consult the ODK central API


Thanks very much for your response! I was able to manually add a project following the URL format you indicated.


If you do see devices that are unable to scan QR codes, please let us know. We generally believe this to be rare and it would be helpful to know that assumption is incorrect. So far we've had one project let us know they were trying to use an older device without a camera.

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Hi @LN,
We sometimes face this issue of scanning QR code from mobile phone. For example, field worker scanning QR code with survey tablet from their personal phone. The issue is that when QR is opened on phone, it is displayed on full screen and Collect fails to recognize it because of the rough texture around the phone. When zoomed out, the phone adds a black background. Collect fails again to recognize QR with a black background.
The solution is to add white background around the QR code. In our case, the field worker zooms out the QR image on phone and takes its screenshot. The screenshot adds white background. Collect is then able to scan the QR code from the screenshot.